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New Era of Real Estate Sales

Managing Your Real Estate Business Can Be Hard.
ListEz CRM Makes It Easy.

Lead Capturing CRM
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Auto capture all your leads - zero leakage

Track and manage all your inquiries in crm


All of your marketing campaigns in one place

Integrate with all portals for complete automation in crm:

  • Listing Portal (Magic Bricks, 99Acres,,

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram),

  • Online Channel (Google Ads, Website),

  • Offline Channels (Print, Kiosks),

  • Partner agencies

Real-time & automatic distribution of leads

Reduce response time for property inquiries


Automatically distribute inquiries to your real estate agents and call centre in the crm

Define any criteria you want in crm, and distribute leads based on the

  • project,

  • location,

  • agent availability

  • sub-type (luxury or budget apartments),

  • property type (residential or commercial)

Lead distribution CRM
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Inventory management CRM
One click proposal shared
House Plan Review

Pre-made Proposals, Easy to Send & Track Option Sheet in CRM 

Design your own option templates 


One click to create proposals

Save time - pre-made proposals- necessary formats, data, etc.

One click to share with clients via their preferred media  


Track efficiency of each proposal shared inside CRM

Set your tasks, goals, performance and track them

Define realistic goals and measure your progress on a daily basis


More efficiency and transparency with your management


Interactive Dashboard for admin to track & review daily tasks of every agent & team.

Goals & performance crm
You have 5 tasks pending
Reports & finance realestate crm
Q3 profit is up by 35%

Analytics & Reports at your fingertips  

Review team's performance on a regular basis through cmr

Get automated emails daily with progress updates


Review and compare in-depth report such as

  • Profit & Loss,

  • Lead sources,

  • Lost lead reasons,

  • builder comparisons,

  • Project-wise progress,

  • Marketing campaign results,

  • Employee based and many more

... and many more such smart features specific to the real estate industry

New Lead Received
Real Estate crm features

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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