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One-stop technology platform for real estate community

First-ever real estate software ListEz (List Easy), built exclusively for real estate professionals to do better and quicker business

Become a Better Team, Together

ListEz is a real estate software designed to systematically manage and track inventory, leads and finances in real time through our integrated platform. It provides a medium for the realtors to collaborate with each other digitally which is currently being done offline

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Advanced Tech Tool for The Advanced Realtor


Customisable Workspace 

Real Time Updates

In-platform Integrations

Smart Automations

End to End Organisational Workflow

ListEz brings several aspects of everyday brokerage operations into one integrated platform to provide ease in managing the business as well as employees. It has a wide range of features that are created with the aim to help you do brokerage differently.


Integrate & Collaborate

A quick chat and sharing options make it easy to communicate within the system while at the same time motivating employees to collaborate internally & externally.

How Can Technology Make Your Team's Life Easier? 

Save Time & Enhance Productivity

Built based on industry experts' research and inputs, aiming to solve everyday operational challenges and enhance productivity. Trusted by realtors, our smart solution is helping them do their business better & quicker.

Utilization of data
Lead Capturing

Improve User & Customer Experience

Even with all the data in your system, it's of no help if it cannot be put to effective use. 

With our real time updates and integrations you can make best use of the data while you are with your client, helping you focus more on closures.

Dynamic Dashboard for Realtor

How Can ListEz Make Your Life Easier? 


Platform for your complete business cycle


Real time lead capturing in turn better lead conversion 


Less duplication of data 


Quicker business expansion, manage your team from anywhere

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